What is a Power Animal?

Power animals exist in diverse world cultures and are thought to guide and protect. Like guardian angels, power animals lend special attributes to the humans they empower. Many people get representations of their guide and place them in visible locations. The Power Animal Project helps you discover your own power animal and create one that is not only a symbolic and three-dimensional touchstone, but an art piece to be enjoyed.


I meet with you either in person or by phone, help you to visualize your power animal, and then connect with it in a meaningful way. You are asked to write a brief statement that describes what you wish the animal to do for you in the way of assistance. Then your particular animal is created especially for you.

Make Your Own Power Animal

For those who would like to sculpt his or her own power animal, I have developed a simple but effective method. Originally, this process was developed as part of a middle school art curriculum. After teaching The Power Animal Project to over 300 youngsters, I was astonished at the consistent beauty and originality of the childrens’ works. Adults starting expressing the desire to make their own as well, which is why it has become a multi-age art endeavor.

To learn more about commissioning your power animal or creating your own, click here.