About Carole

“The Guardian” (detail) oil & gold leaf

I am a child of the times – a human litmus test that registered the social and political movements of the 1960’s: civil rights marches, Vietnam War protests, hippydom, encountering the first wave of gurus as they arrived on American shores…finding “the path.”

In the 80’s and 90’s I was the wife and mother driving a Volvo station wagon. Pre-occupied with soccer games and homework, I continued to paint, my salvation from the tedium of laundry and dishes.

Heading into the new millenium, I drew in my wings to find within yet new identities of expression. My intuitive abilities and documentary filmmaking became extensions of the creative mind, taking me out of the studio’s lonely bliss and connecting with human beings more fully.

After  returning from a film shoot in Myanmar in March 2014, my partner and husband Michael H. Wilson was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away in June. Thus begins a new chapter of my life, the script yet to be written.