“Dying for Relief: America’s Fentanyl Nightmare” encapsulates Chad Tewksbury’s life’s mission to combat the harrowing epidemic of Substance Abuse Disorders plaguing the nation. Having lost most of his immediate family to heroin overdoses, Tewksbury has dedicated his life to saving lives and providing proper care for those ensnared in the clutches of addiction.
     Fentanyl is the leading cause of death in ages 12-49. Tewskbury’s tireless efforts to implement comprehensive strategies to alleviate this catastrophic loss of life have achieved relative success in his numerous treatment centers in Colorado. With the use of methadone, a multifaceted approach intertwines prevention, treatment, and recovery to address the complex challenges of Substance Abuse Disorder.
     This poignant documentary sheds light on the struggle of patients who are undergoing detox and treatment in a desperate attempt to save their lives. The resilience required to confront this epidemic that transcends socio-economic boundaries is at the heart of “Dying for Relief” which not only elucidates the grim realities of America’s fentanyl nightmare but also underscores the potential for redemption.